It’s Exam Week!

So here I am, in Sultan & Alex’s shared bathroom.

After my last post I noticed that I got a lot of likes and my blog view count went up. I mean, it’s still relatively low compared to most of the other awesome blogs on this website but I am happy nonetheless. Just to clarify, by the way, this is a personal blog with no specific aim. I just wanted to make a blog that I can read and be nostalgic about in the future 🙂

A lot has happened since my last post. It’s mostly been personal problems with Bella (Annabelle Lee) and dealing with them. School has also been a lot of stress. I can’t stress it enough. Everything with me has gone haywire and there’s this girl whose swag I’ve been feeling* a lot lately but I still haven’t managed to tell her. I made a deal with Bella that the deadline for us to complete our respective tasks tomorrow (well, today technically). Apparently she has already realised that and the last time that happened I did what is possibly the most embarrassing thing I have ever done (my classmates Daniel and Sultan can tell you :p). It’s risky but that’s life.

Also, my favourite rapper, Childish Gambino, just released his sophomore album, Because the Internet and I love it. One of the most amazing things about the album may be the fact that there is a screenplay to go with it! It is available right now at . My favourite promotion strategy so far. I love the fact that the screenplay fits perfectly with the album. Even if the reader is not a fan of Mr. Gambino I would advise you to give the album (with screenplay) a chance. Even if it is just the first couple of pages 🙂

I’ve also been enjoying Lorde a lot. Even though Royals is the most popular song my favourite (and the general public’s close second) is Tennis Court.

So far I’ve had my French and Physics exams. French was a weird exam because it was easy but I slept right before the exam and, even though I had enough sleep (by my standards) I still dozed off while reading sentences for the reading comprehension. I was only fully awake on the last test but by then there was little time left. It’s not good at all but I still think I got a decent grade and it was a fun experience 😀 My exams tomorrow (technically today) are Business & Management and English. English will be easy but B&M is the reason I am still awake. Surprisingly, I haven’t had any energy stimulants but I am still wide awake. I am thinking of pulling an all-nighter but I am curious yet scared of the result.

My 18th Birthday is in three days…no two…whatever. It’s on the sixteenth

*Feeling swag: My way of saying liking somebody. I have a problem, which is that I never like admitting that I like somebody because if I do then I try to make everything perfect and not be awkward and in doing so I become super awkward. Just ask Maarya Alireza or Rhea Khimji or any of the other girls who are part of the enormous list of girls I’ve been into.

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to read my blog posts! I know they can be weird sometimes but I appreciate that people bother to read it. Have a great day and I wish you all a merry Christmas!




Well, Mr. Gambino did a freestyle over Drake’s “Pound Cake” a couple of months ago and I just found out that some dude called DDotOmen fired back with his song “ETHERnet”. Now I’m not some dickriding faggot but why would this guy call Childish out on his twitter, retweeting that Childish Gambino is one rapper who everybody likes but is actually trash. In his freestyle over Pound Cake Childish said, and I quote, that “a bunch of DDots wanna talk a lot of shit
But that’s cool cause in the real world they really don’t exist”. I don’t know which came first, the retweet or the freestyle (they were both put out on the same date) but now this unknown slutbag feels it necessary to put out a song to diss Mr. Glover. I am obviously a fan of Childish Gambino but this is a bit over-the-top….

But it doesn’t matter anyway, I mean, he’s just a blogger after all!

Mr. DDot, I realise that you may just be frustrated (or having your period) at the moment but I have just one thing to say to you… !

Halloween Update

So…Eminem’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP2, leaked yesterday afternoon and I am extremely proud of myself. Not because I downloaded it illegally (as a .zip; torrents stopped working for some reason) but becauseI was the first student in the entire school to obtain it. I even got it before Alex de Nassau and David Chen, the ultimate fanboy and king of all things Eminem! As a matter of fact I told David that it had leaked and actually gave it to him [insert smirk emoji here].

Right now I am playing NBA 2K13 on my GSIV. Every time I tried playing since yesterday I have eventually rage quit but now I am winning by far! Even though it is on the rookie level…I’m playing as the Denver Nuggets against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the score is 15-56 to me 😀 …1:44 left in the 2nd quarter. I am going to finish the match before continuing.

So the half is over and the score is 23-70 | God they take so many timeouts -_- | 29-100. 1:43 left in the 3rd quarter | What a wasted effort, my game restarted after I locked my phone because the battery is low. Oh well.

Last night I stayed up until 02:48 so that I could watch the LA Lakers-Golden State Warriors at 03:30 but I was way too tired and ended up sleeping in until 10:00 but I had a triple PST* so it’s ok. I only really wanted to watch it so that I could see Stephen Curry play. Shout out to my brother Sadiq, thank you for making me start watching basketball 😛

*PST: Personal Study Time. Formerly known as a “free”. This is a period during which we do not have classes. The teachers implemented it when they changed classes from 45 minutes to 40 minutes in length this year. This resulted in nine classes per day. Since the number of classes in the IB is fixed, Classes 1 & T have one extra PST per day whereas the younger students have a couple of SPSTs (Supervised PSTs).
Back to MMLP2. It’s not a bad album at all and I kind of like it. My favourite song by far is “Love Game”, featuring Kendrick Lamar. It’s just so upbeat and cheerful! Well the instrumental at least. And his flow is so…fun. 🙂 It sounds like a song from the jazz (?) or around the 80s age. Great song in my opinion.

That’s all for now! Have a very fun All Hallows’ Eve, people!

Edit: How I am lucky…For some reason my post was labelled as unauthorised and I cannot find the saved draft. Thank God I decided to copy and paste everything onto a notepad document before refreshing the page, it saved me!



Geeky joke of the post:
Q: Why is it that programmers always confuse Halloween with Christmas?
A: Because 31 OCT = 25 DEC.

Article on Odd Future

Why You Should Listen To The Rap Group Odd Future, Even Though It’s Hard [NPR Music]

This is so accurate.
A lot of people get the wrong idea about OF. Sure their songs are…unorthodox but for those of you who judge their music immediately, as Tyler says on “Sandwitches”, you need need to “Listen deeper than the music before you put it in a box.”

Have a great day! 🙂

The Wire – HAIM

I was first introduced to HAIM while listening to Childish Gambino (my favourite rapper)’s song “Won’t Stop”. At that time I kind of had the idea that HAIM was a group because the feature said “ft. Danielle Haim of HAIM”. I did not, however know that HAIM was a band of sisters. I was recentlu reintroduced to HAIM on the day I arrived in Washington. I was watching TV after praying Fajr and the channel was VHS. It was a top 40 countdown of some sort and this song popped up. The volume was very low and I could barely hear it because I was in chill mode but I watched the video for the song. It was really interesting so I Shazamed the song and took a screenshot. That is how I remember the song. I also remember Shazaming another song called Sweater Weather, among others but this song is by far my favourite. The next day we were on the train to New York. I tried listen to the song on Youtube but for some reason,  YouTube and all other video streaming sites are blocked on the Amtrak internet service. Why? Nobody knows…
Anyway, being the geek I am I found alternatives. I listened to the song on Soundcloud until I was sure that I wanted it. Then I went over to the Unbanner Network and got a magnet link to HAIM’s album, Days are Over. Weirdly enough Amtrak’s provider was smart enough to block torrenting websites but didn’t think about blocking magnet links and torrenting. LOL.
Sorry, I found that funny…
Anyway, after finding a way around the filter, I went on a torrenting spree, Yay!
Back to HAIM.
After downloading the album I moved The Wire (both the original song and the tourist remix) to my phone and I love so much! I just hope it doesn’t become one of those songs that you (or I in this case) listen to until you get sick of it…which is why I listen to Taylor Swift and Childish Gambino responsibly; in moderation.
Well that’s it for now, Ashraf Ahmed checking out.
Have fun you three visitors to my blog today from Switzerland and the US 🙂


P.s. the video for that song is really cool and has a nice story to it, I recommend you all watch it 😀